Infoflow adopts proven methodology in understanding, designing, testing, and deploying our solutions to our clients. Through out our projects, we craft our codes and thought leadership into reusable and scalable artifacts and framework, for example:

Supply Chain Financing System

Supply Chain Financing is an innovative web-based application which offers end-to-end sequence of the process of financing in supply chain transactions in a community based structure.SCF addresses the bank’s need to aid their clients in improving and freeing up valuable working capital.

SCF itself is a solutions which aims to provide bank’s with an integrated approach to handle their configuration of financing schemes, financing transaction management, automated handling of approval workflows and providing insights through analytical reporting of execution of loans. Thus, enabling banks to provide working capital to suppliers and / or buyers within any part of a supply chain and establish a platform which allows their customers to trade with their trading partners through a flexible end-to-end financing solution.

SCF structures the Supply Chain Financing into the form of a Community where a community may or may not have a Principal. SCF is able to provide an integrated customizable solutions to handle 2 financing types: Supplier Financing and/or Distributor Financing.

Supplier financing is where the bank provides financing to the Seller which allows the Seller to receive an early payment of their invoices.

Distributor Financing is where the bank provides financing to the Buyer in order for the Buyer to be able to purchase products from the Seller.

SCF is able to provide the information and tools to increase operational effectiveness and help reduce cost by allowing banks to:

  • Integrate and streamline their on boarding process of their customers
  • Define the financing scheme and structure of the financing community
  • Provide an electronic approach to delivering and collecting of documents required by the bank in order to initiate a disbursement of the financing
  • Enable the bank’s customer to request for financing in real-time
  • Streamline the approval process by automating the assignment of approvers and customizing the approval stage.
  • Provide comprehensive and transparent information through online reporting for bank as well as the bank’s customer in gaining insight on the full view of the end-to-end transaction lifecycle and analyzing the performance of the bank’s customer payment capabilities.
  • Allow the bank’s customer to reconcile and collect their payments
  • Provide notifications to users on actions need to be taken for the approval and reminders of the due dates of each transactions.

Collection Management System

Collection Management System is a web based collection solution built to streamline and automate the collection process for motor vehicle. It allows business user to define the business rules that are used to manage the assignment of delinquent cases to the field collectors and desk collector on daily basis.

CMS provide a front-end application to allow user to track and monitor the progress of field collection or desk collector activities through a personalizable worklist. It also support the short messaging (SMS) so that the field collector can update the collection status on realtime basis via SMS. It allows distribution and assignment of cases to thirdparty by producing file contain the assignment and update the collection status via batch file. The system also allow collector team to update their collection status via Kiosk application.

CMS provides feature for collection team to perform repossision of vehicle when a contract uncollectibles after certain period.

In addition, CMS handle the commission calculation based on user definable incentive scheme templates.

Custodian Information System

Custodian Information System is a system that manages transactions relateing to custodian activities (Custody) which will provide functions for client and product data management, sales and purchase transaction management, management of corporate activities (Corporate Action), invoice management, and management of reports required.

CIS is used to automate the process of product maintenance, settlement, corporate actions, calculating safekeeping fees and invoice creations.

Merchant Tool Application

Merchant Tool Application is a back-end e-commerce system which integrates and collaborate with the front-end IBM Websphere Commerce Server (WCS) via SOA.

MTA was designed as a custom built application platform which provides Merchant Management, Order Fulfillment Workflow Processing, Product Definition / Catalogue Maintenance, Rule Based Margine Engine, Marketing / Promotion Program and Event Based Notification Engine.

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